Advisory bodies in the Netherlands

The themes described in this Programme build on the Strategic Government Themes (Strategische kabinetsthema’s) [1], the National Knowledge Agenda (Kennisagenda Rijksbreed) [2] and the social and administrative challenges facing the government. The Programme takes account of the fact that domain-specific topics are entrusted to sector-specific advisory bodies and knowledge institutes.

Binding themes

By contrast, the WRR addresses issues which are not confined to any one sector. To ensure good coordination with other advisory bodies, liaison is built into the process. This leads to the identification of generally binding themes to which the advisory bodies will devote attention in the coming years and which are linked to the government themes. These binding themes are:

  • The national implications of European agreements relating to specific policy domains, and the scope for proactively shaping European policy;
  • The impact of the Internet and social media on many policy domains, such as education, security, care and public administration; how can better use be made of the opportunities whilst controlling the risks?;
  • The consequences of the dwindling population in a growing number of regions: the combination of shrinkage, ageing and dejuvination raises a number of fundamental questions in many policy domains, for example regarding more efficient use of manpower in the various sectors; how can this be managed in a sensible way?