Overview advisory bodies in the Netherlands

Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs (ACVZ)

The Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs independently advises the Dutch government and parliament on immigration law and policy.

Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy (AWTI)

The Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy advises the Dutch governement and parliament on policy in the areas of scientific research, technological development and innovation.

Advisory Council for Transport, Public Works and Water management

The Advisory Council for Transport, Public Works and Water management advises the Minister and Parliament on matters relating to long term policy. In its work, it seeks to break through traditional lines of opposition and compartmentalisation. The Council endeavours to put forward recommendations that offer a fresh way of looking at an issue. Its independent status allows for such an approach.

Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV)

The Advisory Council on International Affairs is an advisory body for the Dutch government and parliament with respect to human rights, peace and security, development cooperation and European integration. 

Council for Culture

The Council for Culture advises the government on culture policy. 

Council for Health and Society (RVS)

The Council for Health and Society wishes to be that voice. Its mission is to present different perspectives which can serve as a guide for policy and work practices. A movement, vision or view always has multiple facets: the Council aims to identify, single out and draw attention specifically to the ‘other facet’. Good advice issued by the RVS will enable people and organisations in the broad domain of public health and society to view the world differently – this may challenge what is familiar or idealised, but will for that reason also create opportunities.

In the period ahead the RVS will concentrate on analysing existing views and on developing new organisational, social and ethical views. The Council thus undertakes to identify matters taken for granted, flag blind spots, break taboos and present new ways of thinking and acting.

Education Council

The Education Council is an independent governmental advisory body which advises the Minister, Parliament and local authorities. The Council provides advice, both solicited and unsolicited, to the Minister of Education, Sciences and Cultural Affairs and the Minister of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality. Moreover, the Council may be asked for advice by the Dutch upper and lower chambers of parliament.

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment is the research institute of the governement on the subject of public health and environment.

Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis is an independant research institute with respect to content, but at the same time CPB is formally part of the central government. 

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) is the national institute for strategic policy analysis in the field of environment, nature and spatial planning.

Raad voor de Financiële Verhoudingen (RFV)

The Raad voor de Financiële Verhoudingen (RFV) advises on legislation concerning financial relations, especially the relations between the State and city councilsand with provinces; also on the implementation of legislation. 

Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur (ROB)

The Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur (ROB) advises on construction and operation of public administration. 

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) collects, edits and publishes statistics for practice, policy and science. 

The Council for the Rural Area (RLG)

The Council for the Rural Area advises the Dutch Government and both Chambers of Parliament on strategic policy questions concerning agriculture, nature, forest, landscape, outdoor recreation and fisheries in the rural areas, as well as on strategic questions that are related to or have influence on those functions, whether they are interrelated or not.

The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP)

The Netherlands Institute for Social Research is a government agency which conducts research into the social aspects of all areas of government policy. The main fields studied are health, welfare, social security, the labour market and education, with a particular focus on the interfaces between them.

The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)

The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands is the main advisory body to the Dutch government and the parliament on national and international social and economic policy. The SER is financed by industry and is wholly independent from the government. It represents the interests of trade unions and industry, advising the government (upon request or at its own initiative) on all major social and economic issues.