Working Method

In order to be able to perform its task, the WRR needs to create a space for in-depth study, reflection, opposing views and properly thought-out opinions. Every report is therefore preceded by an intensive process in which thoughts are marshalled and opinions allowed to mature. During this period interim products are published, such as investigations, background studies and information sheets. 


The projects are led by the Council members, supported by a project group comprising a number of staff members. External experts are also frequently brought in, for example to carry out preliminary studies. On occasion, external scientists or policymakers are seconded to the WRR to help in producing a report.


The Council meets every two weeks. By way of preparation, the scientific staff also meet every two weeks to discuss the substantive documents produced by the project groups. Everyone at these meetings, from the most junior staff member to the chairman of the Council, is free to comment on all texts. This system of peer review is an important element in ensuring quality.