EU project 'Building capacity for evidence-informed policymaking'

Europe faces complex problems and major social challenges, such as COVID-19 and climate change. It is crucial that national governments and knowledge institutes also contribute to the solution and are able to share scientific knowledge in a timely manner and use it for policy. On behalf of the Netherlands, the WRR participates in the advisory committee of the EU project 'Building capacity for evidence-informed policymaking in governance and public administration in a post-pandemic Europe'. The aim is to further involve scientists, evaluators and policymakers in each other's work, so that results can be achieved more quickly. You can read more information here: Reforms for Science for Policy in 7 Member States | Knowledge for policy (

drs. A.G. (Anne-Greet) Keizer and dr. L. (Lana) Askari (Research fellows and international liaisons of the WRR) are involved in this project.