Presentation of WRR Report on Big Data

The use of Big Data in the security domain demands new frameworks. That is the conclusion of the WRR in its new report ‘Big Data in a Free and Secure Society’ (Big Data in een vrije en veilige samenleving) which was presented to the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Ard van der Steur, in The Hague on Thursday, 28 April.

Enlarge image Overhandiging van het WRR-rapport 95 aan minister Van der Steur
Photographer: Phil Nijhuis

In the report, which was written at the request of the Dutch government, the WRR explores the opportunities and risks associated with the use of (Big) Data analysis by the police and judicial authorities, intelligence and security services and in combating fraud. It was presented to the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Ard van der Steur, by WRR Council member Professor E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin.

Collection, analysis and use of data

The WRR breaks Big Data processes down into three phases: collection, analysis and use of data. The present legal frameworks mainly cover the collection and sharing of data, but offer too little protection to citizens. It is in the phases of data analysis and use that the biggest opportunities and risks of Big Data lie and where new rules are needed.

Background studies

In addition to the report, the WRR Investigation Exploring the Boundaries of Big Data was also published on 28 April. The following WRR Working Papers have also been published as background studies for the ‘Big Data, privacy and security’ project: International and comparative legal study on Big Data, Big Data in de zorg (‘Big Data in the care sector’) and Het gebruik van Big Data door de MIVD en AIVD. (‘Use of Big Data by the Military Intelligence and Security Service and the General Intelligence and Security Service’). An English-language policy brief, based on the report, will be published early 2017.