Development aid that makes a difference

The WRR presented its report Less Pretension, More Ambition. Development aid that makes a difference (Minder pretentie, meer ambitie. Ontwikkelingshulp die verschil maakt) on Monday, 18 January 2010. The first copy of the report was handed over to the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders.

Development aid

Opinion research shows that development aid still enjoys great support among the Dutch population. Why do we give development aid, and does it actually help? What do we know about development programmes and the ability to contribute to them as outsiders? How relevant is aid today, now that other financial flows such as remittances and foreign direct investment (FDI) have increased as a result of globalisation? And how much influence does policy focused on other themes such as climate, migration, trade, security and knowledge, have on poor countries?

Less pretension, more ambition

In Less pretension, more ambition, which is based on almost five hundred interviews in the field together with an extensive literature study, the WRR formulates recommendations for changes in the organisation of development aid and in the way in which public goods are cared for, and argues for structural attention for areas that are relevant for development aid.

WRR report no. 84 on development cooperation will be available from the 18 January 2010 on this website (in Dutch only) and through Amsterdam University Press.