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Housing, care and pensions

Housing, care and pensions, the dynamic of collective arrangements and spontaneous initiative.

A great deal is changing in how provision for housing, care and pensions is organised. Citizens are increasingly having to take their own responsibility. But more than that, an appeal is also being made to the collective organisational ability of citizens, reflecting the fact that the ‘participation society’ is based in part on the idea that people will themselves deliver more provisions. This project investigates the initiatives that are arising in society and the market.

Risks of ‘decompartmentalising’

A symposium on this topic was held in 2012, and the collection Wonen, zorg en pensioenen: hervormen en verbinden (‘Housing, care and pensions: reform and revitalisation’) was published. It contained numerous contributions discussing the opportunities and risks of ‘decompartmentalising’ the collective arrangements for housing, care and pensions.

In early 2014 the WRR organised the symposium Innovatieve praktijken in wonen, zorg en pensioenen (‘Innovative practices in housing, care and pensions’). It was attended by numerous stakeholders from the field and from the world of policy.

The publication was published in 2014 titled: Op maat voor later. Maatschappelijke initiatieven op de snijvlakken van wonen, zorg en pensioenen ('Tailor-made for later. Societal initiatives at the interface of housing, care of pensions').