The Netherlands and the European Union(s)

The WRR is launching a series of seminars in the autumn of 2013 focusing on the future of the European Union(s). By highlighting a number of elements, such as EMU, the political union and the internal market, the Council hopes to make a unique contribution to the Dutch debate about 'Europe'.

The debate on the future of the European Union is a highly polarised and fragmented one. This WRR project seeks to contribute to a structured and systematic consideration of the future of the European Union from a Dutch perspective. This will be done by throwing up relevant questions, bringing academic experts and policymakers into contact with each other, and outlining and analysing various options and scenarios. The WRR will play a facilitating and neutral role, putting forward a wide range of options and standpoints.Substantively, the main focus for the WRR at the moment is on the future of the economic union (EU28), monetary union (EU17) and political union.

Dutch interests

Key questions include:

  • How could monetary union develop further and what are the relevant Dutch interests here?
  • Does the euro area need to be reformed so that it is more flexible and takes account of the divergence that has arisen between the Member States? What are the realistic options in this regard, what are the pros and cons and where does the balance lie between implementation and the problem of transitional risks?
  • How could the economic union develop further if the UK 'withdraws', and what are the relevant Dutch interests here?
  • What are the options for the further shaping and constitutional configuration of the Union? And what are the relevant Dutch interests and principles for each of these options?