Sustainable Health Care

When it comes to quality of health care, the Netherlands performs very well. Our care system is one of the best, but also one of the most expensive in Europe. How can we make sure that health care will remain sustainable in the future? This is the question the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) addresses in the research project ‘Sustainable Health Care’.

Accessible high-quality care

People generally describe good health as one of the most important conditions for a good life. Health care contributes to an ever rising life expectancy, and helps us to stay active and productive. Accessible, high-quality care is thus of great importance for society. But our health care system is under increasing pressure. An ageing society, chronic disorders, stress and technological developments lead to an ever increasing demand for care, driving rapidly rising expenditure and ever increasing pressure on health care professionals and informal caregivers.

Comprehensive advise

In 2018, the ministers of Finance and of Medical Care and Sport have therefore requested the WRR to prepare a comprehensive advice on the long-term sustainability of health care. The project examines long-term sustainability in terms of expenditure, labour market and public support.
How do we keep health care sustainable in the long run? Wat do we expect of our health care? How are we going to make difficult decisions? What are the societal benefits? The WRR is studying these question in the project Sustainable Health Care.

Sustainable Healthcare (English summary)

In September 2021the WRR published the results in a report to the Government 'Kiezen voor houdbare zorg. Mensen, middelen en maatschappelijk draagvlak' (Sustainable healthcare, a matter of choice. People, resources and public support). The WRR is currently working on an integral English translation of the report. This publication is expected to be published in the Springer series Research for Policy in the spring of 2023.