drs. A.G. (Anne-Greet) Keizer
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drs. A.G. (Anne-Greet) Keizer

Research fellow and international liaison

Anne-Greet Keizer is research fellow and international liaison officer at the WRR. She is now project coordinator of the project ‘Uncertainty and social discontent’. As international liaison officer of the WRR, she is responsible together with the Chair and Director for maintaining the WRR’s international contacts. Currently she is also executive secretary of European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF).

Anne-Greet has worked at the WRR since 2005. Her work has focused among other things on topics such as think tanks, the advisory system, information and policy and policy evaluation. She worked on the project ‘WRR in perspective’ which gave rise to the Jubilee publication Op Steenworp afstand (‘A stone’s throw’). She was also project coordinator for the WRR Lecture ‘The Thinking State’ on 22 and 23 November 2007, secretary of the external evaluation committee which published the report Op Koers: Evaluatie WRR 2003-2007(‘On Course: WRR Evaluation 2003-2007’) in early 2008 under the chairmanship of Yvonne van Rooy, and was involved in setting up an international network of European colleague institutes of the WRR and in establishing the WRR research programme. She co-authored the report iOverheid (‘iGovernment’), the Investigation De staat van informatie (‘The state of information’) and the Investigation Revaluing Culture. As project coordinator she was responsible for the report ‘Why knowing what to do is not enough. A realistic perspective on self-reliance’.

Anne-Greet studied Public Administration and Art & Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam, graduating in Public Administration in 2001 with a thesis on the discourse of Dutch culture policy. She was subsequently employed in the Public Administration Department at Leiden University, where she worked as a lecturer and a researcher on the project 'The Renaissance of Public Administration'.


Anne-Greet Keizer is involved in the following WRR projects:

  • Onzekerheid en onbehagen  ('Uncertainty and social discontent')
  • Internationalisering (‘Internationalisation’)

WRR publications

As a WRR staff member, Anne-Greet Keizer has contributed to the following publications:

  • Why knowing what to do is not enough. A realistic perspective on self-reliance
  • Weten is nog geen doen. Een realistisch perspectief op redzaamheid (WRR-rapport 97) (‘Knowing isn’t doing. A realistic perspective on self-reliance’)
  • Wat is er mis met maatschappelijke scheidslijnen? (WRR-Verkenning 35) (‘What is wrong with societal dividing lines?’) (WRR Investigation 35)
  • Eigen schuld? Een gedragswetenschappelijk perspectief op problematische schulden (WRR-verkenning 33) (‘Own (de)fault? A behavioural science perspective on problem debts’)
  • Revaluing Culture (WRR-Investigation 30)
  • Cultuur herwaarderen (WRR-verkenning 30)
  • iOverheid (WRR rapport 86)
  • iGovernment
  • De staat van informatie (WRR Verkenning 25) (‘The state of information’) (WRR Investigation 25)
  • Op steenworp afstand: op de brug tussen wetenschap en politiek (‘A stone’s throw: on the bridge between science and politics’)


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