Media policy for the digital age: Government response

The Dutch government acknowledges the essential part of Focus op functies (Report no. 71) in their official response to the council. An English translation of Focus op functies is available entitled Media Policy for the Digital Age (AUP).

Test market

Traditionally, the Netherlands has enjoyed the status of test market for new media. However, in the past decade, such innovations have been severely hampered by questions about the future of public broadcasting. This issue has led to abundant political grandstanding, but little in the way of definitive policymaking.

Policy suggestions

In February 2005, the Scientific Council for Government Policy published a report with practical policy suggestions. Media Policy for the Digital Age summarizes the Council’s recommendations, providing  readers outside the Netherlands insight into the issues at hand and possible solutions, as well as a concise analysis that tackles the challenges of making robust media policy for the twenty-first century.