Government response to WRR report ‘Public interests in a market society’

The government has issued its response to WRR report number 87 Public interests in a market society and the report Broken Connection? by the Senate committee of inquiry.

Safeguarding public interests

In its response the government endorses the observations of the committee and the WRR that the relationship between citizens and government has changed as a consequence of privatization and autonomization policies and that, in recent decades, these policies have not always taken full and explicit account of their impact on public interests.

The government has indicated that it can see the value of the WRR's analysis that safeguarding public interests requires a process of social structuring rather than a snapshot decision, and that changed public interests should always be taken into account in political decision-making. The government also agrees with the WRR's conclusion that, to safeguard public interests, the government needs to consult with other parties.

WRR report 'Public interests in a market society'

In April 2012, the Scientific Council for Government Policy presented its report Public interests in a market society. In the report, the WRR advised the government to recalibrate the role of the government, to encourage businesses to take real social responsibility, and to increase the involvement of society at large.

'Broken Connection?'

On 30 October 2012, the Senate committee of inquiry on the privatization and autonomization of government services presented its report Broken Connection?. In the report, the committee concludes that there has been too little and too limited attention in recent years to safeguarding public interests

The Senate Committee on Home Affairs and the High Councils of State/General Affairs and the Royal Household discussed the government's response to both reports on 9 April.