WRR Lecture 2014: The future of globalization

On 6 November Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prizewinner and Professor of Economics at Columbia University, spoke about the future of globalisation.

Image: Martijn Beekman

National and international economic developments

Economic integration and international cooperation have encountered setbacks since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. Professor Stiglitz set out his views on a number of essential questions for the future. What will be the future sources of growth in the global economy, and what does this mean for Western countries like the Netherlands? What role will the financial sector play in national and international economies? And how can we ensure a sufficiency of public goods and secure progress in tackling ecological problems in our multipolar global economy? Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, then responded to the lecture, after which WRR member Arnoud Boot chaired a debate.


On 7 November prof. Stiglitz was the main guest at an expert meeting, organized by the WRR, on his most recent book: Creating a Learning Society: A New Approach to Growth, Development, and Social Progress.