International conference puts socio-economic health differences in the spotlight

WRR board member Marianne de Visser was one of the keynote speakers at an international conference on socio-economic health differences held in Wageningen on 8 November 2019. The conference fits perfectly with the WRR’s latest English-language Policy Brief, ‘From disparity to potential: a realistic perspective on socio-economic health inequalities’.

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Image: ©Hedwig te Molder / Hedwig te Molder
Councilmember Marianne de Visser speaks at the Conference in Wageningen

This paper is a translation of the Policy Brief published in 2018. The theme of inequality in health is relevant to many countries. It is for this reason that the Policy Brief has been translated and also placed in an international context. The findings and recommendations that the WRR makes in the Policy Brief are equally relevant beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands.

The international conference on ‘Nutrition disparity and equity: from differences to potentials’ is organized by Wageningen University & Research and the Edema-Steernberg Foundation. The aim of the conference is to bring together stakeholders from various fields to form a multidisciplinary platform and work on the theme of Nutrition Disparity and Equity.