Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)

On Thursday 30 January, Prime Minister Rutte paid a visit to the WRR. This was the first of two visits the Prime Minister schedules every year.

The Council informs and advises the Dutch government on issues that have a major impact on our society. The WRR council members are independent scientists, affiliated as professors with universities in the Netherlands. They divide their time between their work for the WRR and the university.

Work programme and publications

The Prime Minister’s biannual visit to the council provides stakeholders with the opportunity to discuss the WRR’s work programme. The council members can also provide background information on recent and future publications. One of the topics on the agenda for today was the recently-published WRR report entitled ‘Het beter werk’, available in Dutch ( summary also in English) on ways in which the government could promote quality of work.