France Stratégie visits the WRR during anniversary year

At the end of September, sister organization France Stratégie visited the WRR to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The two-day programme was dedicated to exchanging knowledge on various themes, focusing on the WRR projects Sustainable Health Care, Business and Society, and Society and the Media. In addition, the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure organized a roundtable based on the advisory report Splitting the atom, splitting opinion? Decision-making on nuclear energy based on values. To conclude the visit, France Stratégie gave a lecture on its report Sustainabilities! Coordinate and plan public action.

Enlarge image plaatje Bezoek France Strategie
Image: ©WRR

In this report, France Stratégie notes that we are facing a ‘crisis of the future’, brought on by the current ecological and socioeconomic challenges. This may result in public inaction and dwindling support from society. In short: the sustainability of society is under pressure. How can we ensure that governments are better able to deal with these issues? The main author, Joanna Barasz, and the chair of France Stratégie, Gilles de Margerie, gave us an insight into this method of planning. Following the lecture, Marijke Vos, state councillor for the Council of State, and Arnoud Boot, council member at the WRR and professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the University of Amsterdam, reflected on the French approach.