Tilting world order: government and decisionmaking under multipolarity and multi-dimensional power politics

The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) has added an analysis of international power politics to its science-based research program. The analysis zooms in on the implications of the intensified multipolarity and multifaceted nature of international relations. By doing so, the Council aims to contribute to a broadening of policy perspectives on the emergence of a new global power equilibrium and changes in the multilateral order. By extension, it seeks to offer guidelines for the organization of government and the identification of information that is relevant to decisionmaking, and for the international positioning of the Netherlands.

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The Council aims to chart the developments in the dimensions of modern power politics and multipolarity in detail and assess their implications for the Netherlands and its role within the EU and the wider world. In what way should the challenge of the postwar order change our thinking on the nature and multiplicity of our international associations and on the multilateral order itself? How can the Dutch government best position itself in a world of increasing geopolitical rivalry? And in what way should domestic government adapt its organization in response to the enhanced risks and dependencies created by external influences – both of a material and immaterial nature? For more information see the project page