Czech delegation visits WRR

On 6 June, a Czech delegation visited the WRR. The delegation consisted of the Government Analytical Unit and the Czech deputy ministers for European Affairs and Legislation. The working visit focused on the use of evidence-informed policy and the Tilting World Order project.

Enlarge image Tsjechische delegatie bezoekt WRR
Image: ©WRR

The Czech Republic, together with the Netherlands, is participating in the EU project ‘Building capacity for evidence-informed policymaking’. The project aims to increase the involvement of scientists, evaluators and policymakers in each other’s work. This network additionally facilitates knowledge sharing at European level.

About the project

Through the Tilting World Order project, the WRR examines the emergence of a multipolar world in light of non-military domains of power. These range from essential commodities such as food and energy, to different types of infrastructures and technologies, but also cover intangible domains such as knowledge, migration and narratives. Mapping the dynamics of these domains ideally calls for a variety of different approaches and perspectives.

The WRR regularly exchanges expertise with other knowledge institutions in a national and international context, one example being its working visit to France Stratégie.