Report on the First term of Office 1972-1977

This publication contains the report on the activities of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy which completed its it first term of office on 31 December 1977. Although the Act establishing the Council did not include a provision for such report, the Council considers it to be of importance to provide an account of the way in which it has tried to fulfil its statutory duties.

The large meassure of freedom it enjoys with regard to its work and working methods makes it particulary desirable that it gives the fullest possible account of its activities. The Council gave its attention to this aspect during the first term by, amongst other things, the publication of reports and newsletters.

This report is a continuation and elaboration of those publications. In view of the somewhat experimental character of the work of the Council, the experience gained in the first term of office can be of importance for the new Council and for all those who are interested in its work.

Chapters 1 and 2 describe in broad outline the duties, position and activities of the Council. In the last chapter the Council considers briefly some of the problems which arose in connection with its working methods during its first term.