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Finance and Society: Restoring the Balance

The enormous dependence on the financial sector have made the economy and society extremely vulnerable. Socio-economic policy...

Report | 18-09-2017

Summary Migration and Classification: Towards a Multiple Migration Idiom

In various countries, public authorities, research institutes and civil-society organisations are struggling to classify...

Investigation | 26-06-2017 | Mark Bovens, Meike Bokhorst, Roel Jennissen, Godfried Engbersen

For the Sake of Security. The Future of Flexible Workers and the Modern Organisation of Labour

This publication is a contribution to the debate in the Netherlands concerning the future of the labour market.

Investigation | 01-05-2017 | Monique Kremer, Robert Went, André Knottnerus

Future of flexible workers and the modern organisation of labour

In the Netherlands work is becoming increasingly flexible and hybrid. That opens up opportunities but also concerns as regards...

Press release | 01-05-2017

Societal and economic value of prevention in the Netherlands

In this WRR Working Paper Lucia Fiestas Navarrete (Canadian Centre for Health Economics), Marianne de Visser (WRR) and André...

Working Paper | 29-03-2017 | Marianne de Visser, André Knottnerus

WRR: Use of Big Data in the field of security requires new frameworks

Big Data analytics in national security, law enforcement and the fight against fraud can reap great benefits for states,...

Press release | 31-01-2017

Big Data and Security Policies: Serving Security, Protecting Freedom

Big Data analytics in national security, law enforcement and the fight against fraud can reap great benefits for states,...

Policy Brief | 31-01-2017 | Dennis Broeders, Erik Schrijvers, Ernst Hirsch Ballin

What’s wrong with divisions?

No one wants social divisions. But what are they actually? And when do they take on undesirable forms? What are the...

Press release | 12-01-2017

Long-term commitment for national climate policy in the Netherlands

Dutch climate policy is geared excessively to the short term, which is why national climate legislation is needed that binds...

Policy Brief | 21-12-2016 | Albert Faber, Peter de Goede, Margot Weijnen

Appointment of new Chairman of Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)

The Council of Ministers of the Dutch government has approved the proposal by the Prime Minister to nominate Professor J.E.J....

Press release | 19-12-2016