All work of the WRR is public and published in one of four series.

  • Reports to the government: extensive reports containing advice on government policy
  • Policy briefs: shorter publications containing reflection on current topics, along with recommendations
  • Investigations: publications in which the WRR points out societal issues
  • Working papers: background studies written to support advisory projects

In addition to these four series, the WRR occasionally issues publications, videos and podcasts on current topics.

178 publications

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  1. Exploring the Boundaries of Big Data

    The Big Data phenomenon has a major impact on the world in which we live. A positive impact because Big Data encourages ...

    Investigation | 28-04-2016 | Dennis Broeders, Erik Schrijvers

  2. International and comparative legal study on Big Data

    International and comparative legal study on Big Data

    Working Paper | 28-04-2016

  3. Speech Hirsch Ballin at the presentation of the report Big data (Dutch)

    Speech | 28-04-2016

  4. No time to lose: from reception to integration of asylum migrants

    By simultaneously focusing on accommodation, language acquisition, training and work, governments lose as little valuable time as ...

    Policy Brief | 16-02-2016 | Godfried Engbersen, Roel Jennissen, Meike Bokhorst

  5. Europe: Coalescence in Diversity

    Publication | 12-02-2016

  6. Mastering the Robot. The Future of Work in the Second Machine Age

    To ensure that robotisation is beneficial to both the economy and workers, a robot agenda is required. The key word in this ...

    Investigation | 08-12-2015 | Robert Went, Monique Kremer, André Knottnerus

  7. Speech Mark Mazower Europe in crisis WRR lecture 2015

    Speech | 04-12-2015

  8. Dutch Financial Fragilities

    Dutch Financial Fragilities

    Working Paper | 25-11-2015

  9. Revaluing Culture

    Across Europe, policymakers regularly question the value of culture and, increasingly, seek the answer in culture’s social and ...

    Investigation | 27-10-2015 | Erik Schrijvers, Anne-Greet Keizer, Godfried Engbersen

  10. The public core of the Internet. An international agenda for Internet governance

    The Internet should be a key area in the Netherlands’ foreign policy in order to protect the public core of the Internet from ...

    Report | 01-10-2015 | Dennis Broeders