All work of the WRR is public and published in one of four series.

  • Reports to the government: extensive reports containing advice on government policy
  • Policy briefs: shorter publications containing reflection on current topics, along with recommendations
  • Investigations: publications in which the WRR points out societal issues
  • Working papers: background studies written to support advisory projects

In addition to these four series, the WRR occasionally issues publications, videos and podcasts on current topics.

175 publications

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  1. Summary The New Diversity

    There was a time when large groups of immigrants came to the Netherlands from a small number of countries, to wit Indonesia, ...

    Investigation | 11-07-2018

  2. The Fall of the Middle Class? Stability and Vulnerability in the Middle Segment of Society

    The WRR publication The Fall of the Middle Class? Stability and Vulnerability in the Middle Segment of Society examines the ...

    Investigation | 14-02-2018 | Godfried Engbersen, Monique Kremer

  3. Finance and Society: Restoring the Balance

    The enormous dependence on the financial sector have made the economy and society extremely vulnerable. In this report, the WRR ...

    Report | 18-09-2017

  4. Migration and Classification: Towards a Multiple Migration Idiom

    In various countries, public authorities, research institutes and civil-society organisations are struggling to classify migrants ...

    Investigation | 26-06-2017 | Mark Bovens, Meike Bokhorst, Roel Jennissen, Godfried Engbersen

  5. For the Sake of Security. The Future of Flexible Workers and the Modern Organisation of Labour

    The number of people who have a permanent job is decreasing while insecurity on the labour market is increasing. In the ...

    Investigation | 01-05-2017 | Monique Kremer, Robert Went, André Knottnerus

  6. Societal and economic value of prevention in the Netherlands

    In this WRR Working Paper Lucia Fiestas Navarrete (Canadian Centre for Health Economics), Marianne de Visser (WRR) and André ...

    Working Paper | 29-03-2017 | Marianne de Visser, André Knottnerus

  7. Big Data and Security Policies: Serving Security, Protecting Freedom

    Big Data analytics in national security, law enforcement and the fight against fraud can reap great benefits for states, citizens ...

    Policy Brief | 31-01-2017 | Dennis Broeders, Erik Schrijvers, Ernst Hirsch Ballin

  8. Scientific and official integrity of the WRR

    Scientific and official integrity of the WRR

    Publication | 02-01-2017

  9. Long-term commitment for national climate policy in the Netherlands

    Dutch climate policy is geared excessively to the short term, which is why national climate legislation is needed that binds ...

    Policy Brief | 21-12-2016 | Albert Faber, Peter de Goede, Margot Weijnen

  10. Towards a Food Policy

    The rapidly changing context of the food supply and the accompanying challenges demand a food policy that should focus mainly on ...

    Report | 13-12-2016 | Josta de Hoog, Bart Stellinga, Huub Dijstelbloem