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#9 Digital Disruption

In its report ‘ preparing for digital disruption’ The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government (WRR) answers the question: h ...

Audio clip | 28-01-2021

Communication and support for Covid-19 measures

How can we ensure that people keep a safe distance from one another? That they continue to work from home as much as possible? ...

Publication | 16-12-2020

An introduction to the WRR

In this video senior research fellow and international liaison Anne-Greet Keizer,  gives an introduction to The Netherlands ...

Video | 02-10-2020

Vulnerability and resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic is having major social, political and economic consequences and we will continue feeling these effects for ...

Publication | 22-06-2020

WRR position paper Dutch House of Representatives hearing / round-table discussion on coronavirus app

In this Position Paper, the WRR advises that great caution and care must be exercised when any radical new technology is ...

Publication | 28-04-2020

Security in an interconnected world. A Strategic Vision for Defence Policy

The security environment in the Netherlands and the world around it has deteriorated. Security in an Interconnected World. A ...

Report | 10-04-2020 | Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Huub Dijstelbloem, Peter de Goede

European Variations as Key to Cooperation

The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) translated its study about the future of the European Union. ...

Video | 15-01-2020

European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

European Variations as a Key to Cooperation focuses on the way in which the Member States can continue cooperating in a ...

Report | 14-01-2020 | Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Emina Ćerimović, Huub Dijstelbloem, Mathieu Segers

From disparity to potential: a realistic perspective on socio-economic health inequalities

In this policy brief, the WRR proposes a new perspective on ways of designing and evaluating health-prevention policy in the ...

Policy Brief | 08-11-2019 | Dennis Broeders, Djurre Das, Will Tiemeijer, Marianne de Visser

Why knowing what to do is not enough. A realistic perspective on self-reliance

In today’s society, people are expected to take responsibility for their own lives and be self-reliant. This is no easy feat. ...

Report | 14-10-2019 | Anne-Greet Keizer, Will Tiemeijer, Mark Bovens