Artificial Intelligence is the new system technology

The animation below briefly explains why we need to think of AI as a systems technology and what that means.  

This animation explains that AI is not just a technology, but a system technology, which means that it will fundamentally change society. We need to properly shape this transition and learn from system technologies from the past.

Voice over:
Artificial intelligence.
A broad phenomenon that can take many forms.
From robots and self-driving cars to chess computers and social media algorithms.
We're currently at a turning point, when AI is increasingly moving from the lab into society.
That's why it's important to understand the impact of AI.
As it's not just a technology, but a system technology that will fundamentally change our society.
Just like, for example, the arrival of the steam engine and electricity.
Like those previous system technologies, AI will penetrate deep into our society, while the technology itself continuously improves and drives innovation, in combination with other technologies.
This makes AI versatile and complex, and also unpredictable.
In short, a major societal transition will take place during the coming decades.
We face the shared task of properly shaping this transition and learning from system technologies from the past, in order to reap the maximum benefits of AI in the future.
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