Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to fundamentally change our lives. AI is used in a variety of applications: from facial recognition to translation apps, from medical diagnoses to anticipating crime, and from combating fraud to influencing what we buy, read and vote. And that's just the beginning, in the coming years AI will penetrate more and more domains of society. In the report Mission AI. The New System Technology the WRR concludes that if we do not prepare properly for this fundamental change, there is not only the risk that opportunities will be missed, but also that society will be stuck with a technology that does not serve our interests. That is why an integrated approach is required, with intensive involvement of the government.

Numerous studies have been and are being carried out on the impact of AI. The government has expressed a need for an overarching, multidisciplinary study to supplement these existing studies. It has asked the WRR to produce a report which will feed into the national knowledge and policy development process and at the same time offer a suggested direction of travel for the European and international dicussions on this topic. 

System technology

The WRR states Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be considered a system technology, similar to the steam engine, electricity, the combustion engine and computer. Taking this approach helps to look beyond the issues of the day and instead make long-term recommendations about how AI can be embedded in society. By viewing AI as a system technology, drawing analogies and learning lessons from other similar technologies, it is possible to gain some insight into the impact of AI. At this level, the recommendations are of value to governments in other countries as well.