Project team Artificial Intelligence


The chairperson of the project is prof. J.E.J. (Corien) Prins, subsitute chair person is prof. M.A.P. (Mark) Bovens.

Project coordinators

Project members

The project members are:

  • mr. M. (Monique) Steijns
  • E. (Eline) de Jong
  • N. (Nina) Serpenti
  •  J. (Jurgen) Timmerman
  • B. (Bart) Gulden
  • Hanneke Roodbeen
  • J. (Jord) Goudsmit
  • I. (Ivo) Knottnerus
  • mr. dr. R. (Reijer) Passchier
  • M. (Mirthe) Dankloff
  • T.M.S. (Tycho) Tax

Note: not linked are the members of the project group who left the WRR