Do we make work our business?

Changing the system of funding social insurance could create the prospect of increasing employment, the WRR says in its report Do we make work our business? (Report no. 13, 1977). In the report, the WRR analyses the trend in the ratio of economically active to inactive persons in our society.

Problematic trend

The number of persons who are involuntarily inactive is increasing and that trend is imposing growing demands on the economically active population. A wide range of initiatives are needed to reverse this trend. In this report the WRR investigates what policy concepts could curb the level of involuntary inactivity now and in the longer term.

Options for reducing involuntary economic inactivity

To start with, the WRR explores the consequences for employment of the mechanics of the social security system. In particular it discusses the system of funding social insurance and the effects of this system on the growth of employment. It also assesses the influence of working conditions and considers methods of reducing the supply of labour and the possibility of creating jobs in the non-commercial services sector.