The Unfinished European Integration

Structural changes at global level, particularly the competition from the United States, Japan and newly industrialised countries, are threatening the Dutch economy. To address these threats, it is essential to complete the economic integration of the European Community, the WRR states in the report The Unfinished European Integration (Report no. 28, 1986).

Market integration is essential

This economic integration calls for the creation of a single market for industrial products and services and a reorientation of the Common Agricultural Policy. In the report the WRR provides a roadmap towards an offensive European industrial and technological policy and a more market-oriented structure for the Common Agricultural Policy.

Increasing awareness of government and politicians

In addition, the government and politicians in the Netherlands need to be more aware of the European Community’s role as a 'fourth tier of government’. The consequences of the process of integration should be reviewed for every sector that will be affected by it. The establishment of a Standing Parliamentary Committee for European Affairs could help to ensure that parliament takes greater account of the Community context.