An Active Labour Market Policy

A system of work-experience places needs to be created as a means of increasing the job opportunities for unemployed persons and women re-entering the labour market. With such a system, people who are involuntarily inactive could be required to actively explore the possibilities in the labour market, the WRR says in its report An Active Labour Market Policy (Report no. 33, 1987).

Training and work-experience places

The existing measures to tackle unemployment do not reach enough people, as well as being fragmented and non-transparent. The core labour market instruments should in future consist of a single framework scheme for training and a single scheme for work-experience places.

Proposals for an active labour market policy

The WRR makes a number of proposals to improve the functioning of the labour-market policy of the government and social partners. It assigns great importance to promoting labour mobility through training for both employees and the unemployed, the creation of work-experience places and greater flexibility in the labour market.