Social Dichotomy in Perspective

Contrary to what is sometimes believed, the prospect of harmonious socio-cultural developments in the Netherlands is not declining, but increasing. ‘Social dichotomy’ can be prevented to a large extent with a specific labour market and education policy, the WRR says in its report Social dichotomy in Perspective (Report no. 50, 1996).

Greater opportunities for harmonious development

In this socio-cultural survey, the WRR investigates the likely trends in employment, education and income in the period up to 2015. After social cohesion had been tested in the 1970s and 1980s, the prospect of a harmonious socio-cultural development in the medium term have improved in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the problems of social dichotomy could still intensify.

Coherent policy perspectives

Given the exploratory nature of this report, the WRR does not make any detailed recommendations. It does, however, introduce two coherent policy perspectives for addressing the dichotomy, namely the emancipation of labour and the emancipation of talent. These two perspectives have numerous policy implications, particularly with regard to the labour market and education.