Less pretention, more ambition

Development aid should be targeted more at enhancing the development and self-reliance of countries. Policy should also be more clearly focused on major global issues such as stability and security, knowledge development and migration policy. These are the two lessons drawn by the WRR in its report Less pretension, more ambition (Report no. 84, 2010).

Fewer countries and subjects

If aid is to have sufficient impact and become more effective, the Dutch government should concentrate on ten countries and enter into long-term cooperation relationships with them. These relationships should cover domains in which the Netherlands excels and can offer added value in international terms, such as agriculture and water. The explicit aim of the aid should be to enhance the self-sufficiency of individuals and countries.

A separate organisation: NL-AID

This policy would require the creation of a separate organisation, NL-AID, according to the WRR. In this new professional organisation, expertise in development aid would be a priority. The organisation could in the future also manage the deployment of NGOs in the South.