Towards a learning economy. Investing in the Netherlands' earning capacity

It is high time for a strategy designed to increase the Netherlands’ earning capacity, the WRR concludes in its report Towards a learning economy. Investing in the Netherlands’ earning capacity (Report no. 90, 2013). A central feature of such a strategy would be to make better use of existing knowledge. Knowledge circulation will bolster a learning economy.

Reform of research and educational institutions

A learning economy will require reform of Dutch research and educational institutions. With the application of knowledge becoming increasingly important, in addition to research and education, there is a need for greater differentiation in the research landscape. Closer cooperation between educational institutions and the labour market will be important to improve the interaction between working and learning.

Tailor government better to new challenges

The organisation of the government needs to be better suited to meeting the new challenges. For example, the Netherlands is in urgent need of a new ‘polder model’, a consultative structure in which new and existing social and economic issues are addressed coherently in the context of the key question of how to promote a learning economy.