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Social Policy-issues in Economic Planning

Social policy issues in economic planning

Publication | 10-04-1989

Government and Future Research

The forecasting function should receive more attention in surveys of the future carried out for the government. The uncertainties ...

Report | 15-04-1988

Report on and Evaluation of the Third Term of Office 1983-1987

evaluation third term of office

Publication | 04-01-1988

An Active Labour Market Policy

A system of work-experience places needs to be created as a means of increasing the job opportunities for unemployed persons and ...

Report | 31-12-1987

Financing the European Community

Controlling spending on agriculture is essential for resolving the European Community’s financial problems. To achieve that, ...

Report | 06-11-1987

Culture and Diplomacy

Raising the standard of education, arts and sciences in the Netherlands should be the principal objective of international ...

Report | 22-06-1987

Tailoring Policy to the Needs of Small and Medium-sized Business

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can make an important contribution to economic growth and employment in the ...

Report | 15-06-1987

Scope for Growth. Threats to and opportunities for the Dutch economy over the next ten years

The technological and economic structure of the Netherlands does not prohibit the elimination of the existing unemployment and ...

Report | 27-04-1987

The Unfinished European Integration

Structural changes at global level, particularly the competition from the United States, Japan and newly industrialised ...

Report | 26-03-1986

Basic Education

Social developments are forcing the government to raise the level of education of pupils. In its report Basic Education (Report ...

Report | 22-01-1986