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Scope for Growth. Threats to and opportunities for the Dutch economy over the next ten years

The technological and economic structure of the Netherlands does not prohibit the elimination of the existing unemployment and ...

Report | 27-04-1987

The Unfinished European Integration

Structural changes at global level, particularly the competition from the United States, Japan and newly industrialised ...

Report | 26-03-1986

Basic Education

Social developments are forcing the government to raise the level of education of pupils. In its report Basic Education (Report ...

Report | 22-01-1986

Safeguarding social security

The system of social security is in need of review. The family income is no longer always earned by a single breadwinner with a ...

Report | 22-05-1985

A Policy-Oriented Survey of the Future. Towards a Broader Perspective

In this report, the WRR sketches how the future is likely to look in seven major policy areas: distribution issues, the ...

Report | 09-05-1983

A Coherent Media Policy

In its report A Coherent Media Policy (Report no. 24, 1982), the WRR calls for the formulation of a coherent policy with respect ...

Report | 26-08-1982

Faktor Deutschland. Zur Sensibilität der Beziehungen zwischen den Niederlanden und der Bundesrepublik

Die Niederlande und die Bundesrepublik sind in hohem Maße abhängig voneinander. Von Entwicklungen im Nachbarland Deutschland sind ...

Report | 29-06-1982

The German Factor. A Survey of Sensitivity and Vulnerability in the Relationship between the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany

There is a large degree of mutual interdependence between the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany. The Netherlands is ...

Report | 29-06-1982

Prospects for Reforming the Labour System

Although limited, there are possibilities to modernise the labour system. Major changes, such as a general reduction of the ...

Report | 19-11-1981

A Policy-Oriented Survey of the Future: Part one: An Attempt to Challenge

The aim of the WRR in its report ‘A policy-oriented survey of the future. Part one: An attempt to Challenge (Report no. 19, 1980) ...

Report | 24-07-1980