Webinar: ‘Digitalization in times of growing dependence on digital means’

On Thursday 11 februari from 10.00 till 11.30 am, WRR and France Stratégie will organize a webinar on the issue of digitalization in times of growing dependence on digital means. This event is partially based on the WRR’s latest report ‘preparing for digital disruption’.

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Image: ©Nationale Beeldbank

Often without our even noticing it, digital infrastructure is closely intertwined with processes that are essential to our society, economy, democracy and the rule of law. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus it has become even more apparent how intertwined we are with technology, and how dependence on digital systems is increasing. With this growing intertwining and dependence come increased risks and vulnerabilities. In which ways do France and the Netherlands deal with this, and what can we learn from each other?

During this webinar the WRR and France Stratégie will reflect on this, and WRR-chair Corien Prins and senior research fellow Erik Schrijvers will discuss with Commissioner-General of France Stratégie, Gilles de Margerie and other attendants.

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