The public core of the internet: an international agenda for internet governance

The central protocols and infrastructures of the Internet are a global public asset from which anyone can benefit. To preserve this asset for the future, in the face of increasing interference by states with the Internet, action needs to be taken now. In The public core of the Internet (WRR Policy Brief no. 2, 2015), the WRR therefore argues for an international agenda for Internet governance.

International standard

An essential part of this agenda involves adopting an international standard with which the main Internet protocols and infrastructures can be safeguarded against improper government interference. In addition, Internet security (security on the Internet infrastructure) and national security (security as a result of the Internet) at national and international must be expressly distinguished.

Extend Internet diplomacy

The network for Internet diplomacy must be extended to include new coalitions. These new coalitions consist of countries and businesses, including Internet companies and intermediaries such as Internet giants Google, Apple and Microsoft, as well as providers, but also NGOs and the technological community. They are working on the desired international standard.