Cooperation France Stratégie and WRR

On 14 February 2018 France Stratégie (FS) and The Netherlands Scientific Counicl for Government Policy (WRR) strengthened their cooperation at the  seminar The Fall of the Middle Class in Europe? A  Dutch and French perspective.

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Image: K. van Eik
Frans Brom (Director WRR) - Gilles de Margerie (Comm. Gen. FS) - Corien Prins (Chair WRR) - Véronique Fouque (Director FS) (from left to right)

'The Fall of the Middle Class?'

The seminar was a organized by France Stratégie and the WRR in an international setting in Brussels. At the seminar both organisations shared their views on the state of the middle class in both France and The Netherlands.

Also the WRR publication The Fall of the Middle Class? Stability and Vulnerability in the Middle Segment of Society was presented.

The main policy recommendations of the report are:

  • Promote greater certainty in the labour market
  • Invest in education and training
  • Preserve the redistributive effect of the welfare state
  • Support for families.