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  1. Migration diversity and social cohesion. Resassessing the Dutch policy Agenda

    Migration patterns in Western European countries have changed fundamentally in recent decades. A more active policy should be ...

    Report | 06-12-2022 | Roel Jennissen, Mark Bovens, Godfried Engbersen, Meike Bokhorst

  2. Summary The World in a City

    All across Europe, municipal governments are drawing up strategies for assimilating various groups of migrants in the local ...

    Investigation | 11-07-2018

  3. Summary The New Diversity

    There was a time when large groups of immigrants came to the Netherlands from a small number of countries, to wit Indonesia, ...

    Investigation | 11-07-2018

  4. Migration and Classification: Towards a Multiple Migration Idiom

    In various countries, public authorities, research institutes and civil-society organisations are struggling to classify migrants ...

    Investigation | 26-06-2017 | Mark Bovens, Meike Bokhorst, Roel Jennissen, Godfried Engbersen

  5. No time to lose: from reception to integration of asylum migrants

    By simultaneously focusing on accommodation, language acquisition, training and work, governments lose as little valuable time as ...

    Policy Brief | 16-02-2016 | Godfried Engbersen, Roel Jennissen, Meike Bokhorst

  6. Making Migration Work. The future of labour migration in the European Union

    Making migration work

    Publication | 30-05-2013