Working Paper ‘Societal dividing lines’

The WRR published the report ‘Continuing immigration and new societal dividing lines. An exploration of potential developments’ (Voortgaande immigratie en nieuwe maatschappelijke scheidslijnen. Een verkenning van mogelijke ontwikkelingen), by Professor Han Entzinger, on 22 December 2014.

Immigration and Societal Dividing lines

Reference is often made in the public debate to an opposition between ‘natives’ and ‘immigrants’. But is ranging these groups against each other in such an undifferentiated and generic way still supported by the empirical facts? Or will other migration-related characteristics lead to new societal dividing lines in the future? This Working Paper addresses these questions. It also serves as input for the ‘Societal dividing lines’ project.

The ‘Working Papers’ series comprises studies carried out as part of the activities of the WRR. Responsibility for the content and the standpoints taken rests with the authors.