Parliamentary discussion of government response to iGovernment report

The reaction of the Dutch government to the report iGovernment (iOverheid) will be discussed at 14.00 hrs on 1 March during a Parliamentary Meeting between the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee and members of the government.

Information Government

In the report iGovernment (2011), the WRR makes a number of policy recommendations in relation to the role and responsibility of the government in the field of ICT. According to the Council, both politicians and administrators still think too much in terms of technology and not enough in terms of the information flows that have assumed crucial importance as a result of increasingly dense networks and innumerable ICT initiatives. Current thinking is still too entrenched in the notion of ‘eGovernment’, with heavy emphasis on technology and service delivery. However, the day-to-day practice of policy and implementation has spawned an ‘information-Government’ (iGovernment). The WRR believes it is crucial that the government realises that it has become an iGovernment.