Can democracy by doing deepen democracy?

In the wake of the symposium Can ‘do-ocracy’ deepen democracy?, a joint initiative of Hivos, ISS and the WRR with Marcia Luyten, Marlies Glasius (UvA), Rakesh Rajani (Twaweza) and Manu Claeys (G1000 and stRaten Generaal), the online magazine Doen. Nieuwe vormen van democratie (Can democracy by doing deepen democracy?) will be published on 30 October.


The do-democracy is alive and well. Although it is a highly diverse concept which varies greatly depending on the local context, there are striking parallels between the different initiatives in this area, whether they be crowd-sourcing, websites or local forms of self-organisation in relation to social security. The changes that this do-democracy is seeking to bring about are tangible and practical. However, do these initiatives genuinely represent a deepening of democracy?

Confidence in citizens

Can democracy by doing deepen democracy? explores questions concerning the relationship between citizens and government and about the role played by the growing number of citizen initiatives in representative democracy. The starting point was the WRR report Vertrouwen in burgers (Confidence in citizens).

Authors featuring in the magazine are Chris Aalberts, Remko Berkhout, Kees Biekart, Manu Claeys, Marlies Glasius, Merit Hindriks, Annemarth Idenburg, Albert-Jan Kruiter, Josien Pieterse, Rakesh Rajani, Chris Sigaloff, Maurice Specht, Jona Specker, Margit van Wessel and Joke van der Zwaard.

Borders to Cross

Democratic innovation and citizen-driven change are the central themes in the conference Borders to Cross, which will take place from 29 to 31 October 2013 and at which a number of the authors will be present.