Publication of WRR Investigation ‘For the sake of security’

On 7 February 2017, the WRR presented the Investigation ‘For the sake of security. The future of flexible workers and the modern organisation of labour’ (Voor de zekerheid. De toekomst van flexibel werkenden en de moderne organisatie van arbeid). The first copy was accepted by the Director-General for Social Security and Integration at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Mr Bernhard ter Haar.

Increasing flexibilisation

In this WRR Investigation, experts describe and analyse the growing flexibilisation of the Dutch the labour market, how the organisation of labour is changing in several respects, what the driving forces are behind this change, what consequences are emerging and what the responses of the government and other actors could be.

An intensive public debate has arisen about the future of the labour market; this report aims to contribute to that debate.