For the Sake of Security. The Future of Flexible Workers and the Modern Organisation of Labour

This publication is a contribution to the debate in the Netherlands concerning the future of the labour market.


The number of people who have a permanent job is decreasing while insecurity on the labour market is increasing. In the Netherlands, a growing number of people are working on temporary contracts: the number of self-employed workers is rising and many aspects of the way work is organised are changing. Another trend is hybridisation, resulting in new combinations and hybrid forms of work. At the same time, many stake holders and bodies are worried that flexibilisation is going too far.

Greater security

Returing to the past is not an option and not desirable; there are no easy answers. However, the government, the business community, employers' and employees' organisations and citizens all have an influence on the way we work. The aim should be to organise the flexible labour market in such a way that it is consistent with the economy and society that we want and, at the same time, provide flexible workers with greater security.