Capacity to act: from test to tools

In response to the report Why knowing what to do is not enough, the government has decided to place more emphasis on citizens’ capacity to act when preparing policy and legislation. This means that, alongside the perspective of the implementing organizations, implementation tests will also take the perspective of citizens into account. A worthy aspiration, but how do you put it into practice? The WRR has prepared a follow-up to the capacity to act test to provide guidance to policymakers and legislative lawyers: Capacity to act: from test to tools.

Enlarge image capacity to act from test to tools
Image: ©WRR

Capacity to act: from test to tools is the result of two expert sessions that the WRR organized together with the Ministry of Justice and Security. During the sessions, the participants gave thought to finding ways of calling greater attention to citizens’ capacity to act. Capacity to act: from test to tools gives policymakers and legislative lawyers suggestions for ways to focus more attention on the ‘doability’ of policy and regulations.