Two new Springer-titles: Climate Policy and the Dutch Health Care system

The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and Springer published two new titles in the series 'Research for Policy': Justice in Climate Policy. Distributing Climate Costs Fairly & Financial, Staffing and Societal Sustainability of Dutch Health Care. An Urgent Need for Clear Choices. These publications can be downloaded free of charge (as an ebook) or can be ordered as hardcover book via Springer.

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Justice in Climate Policy

This book looks into ways to achieve just climate policy within a country. The authors of this monograph share a unique, timely and original vision: continuous support for climate policy is more likely to emerge when citizens find that the distribution of the bill for climate costs is fair. Drawing on philosophy and ethics, the authors propose ten principles for achieving just distributions of domestic climate costs. Examples of such principles are individual responsibility, the polluter pays, greatest utility and capacity to pay. Yet what a fair distribution is, depends on, for example, political preferences and the policy issue at hand. Empirical research on designing climate policies, however, shows that distributive principles are not part of the political, policy, and public discussions.

This book analyses how sound choices can be made in Dutch health care policies, and shows why they are necessary, urgent, and even inevitable. Analysing the current functioning and funding of the Dutch health care system, this book shows how three dimensions of sustainability – financial, staffing and societal – are under increasing pressure. This study explores priority setting in health care and calls for well-informed, clear and sometimes uncompromising choices in the allocation of means and personnel. This is necessary in order to maintain accessible and high-quality care for all, and to improve public health.

Springer Book Series: Research for Policy

In this series, we publish internationally relevant studies of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy. Many of the cross-cutting issues that affect Dutch policymaking, also challenge other Western countries or international bodies. By publishing these studies in this international open access scientific series, we hope that our analyses and insights can contribute to the policy debate in other countries.