Communication and support for Covid-19 measures

How can we ensure that people keep a safe distance from one another? That they continue to work from home as much as possible? And that they continue to do all the other things necessary to bring an end to the current pandemic? “We can only drive out the virus through our behaviour,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte insists. In a short note, WRR colleague Will Tiemeijer describes three fundamentals and seven practical points relating to communication and support around Covid-19 measures.

In June 2020, Vulnerability and Resilience was published. In this report, the WRR offers its initial reflections on a situation that is continuing to evolve rapidly. While a great deal of effective action has been taken to weather the current crisis, the WRR has also observed that the vulnerable are being disproportionately affected by the economic and health risks, that businesses are struggling to absorb the shock, and that international cooperation has been far from smooth. In this report, the WRR aims to provide support for the government and for parliament as they tackle the impact of the coronavirus crisis.