Towards a Food Policy

It is time for a specific food policy, the WRR argues in its report Towards a Food Policy (Report no. 93, 2014). The rapidly changing context of the food supply and the accompanying challenges demand a food policy that should focus mainly on creating a resilient food network.

From agricultural policy to food policy

The challenges at global level relate to ecological sustainability (e.g., the loss of biodiversity), public health (e.g., the risks of multi-resistant bacteria) and the robustness of the food supply (the capacity to cope with changes). A dedicated food policy would address these challenges and take account of the diversity of values relating to food, the relationship between production and consumption and the changing power relations in the food system.

A resilient food network

The WRR also refers to the importance of resilience. The food network must be able to cope with various scenarios and shocks. Attention must therefore be devoted to variety (of crops, players and products), effective management of natural resources and development of the learning and adaptive capacity of the relevant stakeholders.