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European Variations as a key to cooperation

Enjoy a vivid discussion about the need for variation in the European Union between Ernst Hirsch Berlin, member of the Scientific ...

Audio clip | 30-11-2021

Navigating and anticipating in uncertain times

It is crucial that organisations are prepared for different future scenarios for the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. This can ...

Publication | 16-11-2021

Better Work: The Impact of Automation, Flexibilization and Intensification of Work

The automation, flexibilization and intensification of work will have significant consequences for people who still have jobs in ...

Report | 15-11-2021 | Monique Kremer, Robert Went, Godfried Engbersen

Mission AI. The New System Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the combustion engine of the twenty-first century. The technology is currently moving out of the ...

Report | 10-11-2021

Human rights as benchmarks of artifcial intelligence

This is a Working paper on Artificial Intelligence focusing on human rights

Working Paper | 07-10-2021

Preparing for Digital Disruption

Often without our even noticing it, digital infrastructure is closely intertwined with processes that are essential to our ...

Report | 28-09-2021 | Erik Schrijvers, Corien Prins, Reijer Passchier

Strengthening EU Policy based on European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

On the occasion of the start of the EU conference on the future of Europe, the WRR issued a memorandum on options for approaching ...

Publication | 19-07-2021

Introduction Research Money and Debt

This video is an introduction to the reserach money and debt which led to the report Money and Debt: The Public Role of Banks.

Video | 28-06-2021

Acquiring, assessing and weighing. The use of knowledge in policy advice in times of crisis

Preparing for the next crisis mainly means being aware that it will inevitably come. This is the conclusion drawn by the ...

Publication | 24-06-2021

'More needed than ever' Evaluation of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy 2013-2017

The evaluation More needed than ever - Evaluation of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy 2013-2017 was ...

Evaluation | 11-05-2021