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Security in an interconnected world. A Strategic Vision for Defence Policy

The security environment in the Netherlands and the world around it has deteriorated. Security in an Interconnected World. A ...

Report | 10-04-2020 | Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Huub Dijstelbloem, Peter de Goede

Summary 'Better work: society's new mission'

English translation of the Dutch Summary of WRR-report no. 102: Het betere werk. De nieuwe maatschappelijke opdracht (Better ...

Report | 15-01-2020

European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

European Variations as a Key to Cooperation focuses on the way in which the Member States can continue cooperating in a ...

Report | 14-01-2020 | Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Emina Ćerimović, Huub Dijstelbloem, Mathieu Segers

Why knowing what to do is not enough. A realistic perspective on self-reliance

In today’s society, people are expected to take responsibility for their own lives and be self-reliant. This is no easy feat. ...

Report | 14-10-2019 | Anne-Greet Keizer, Will Tiemeijer, Mark Bovens

Preparing for Digital Disruption

This publication is a summary of WRR report 101  Preparing for Digital Disruption. The conclusions and recommendations presented ...

Report | 24-09-2019

Money and Debt. The public role of banks

Summary of WRR-report no. 100: Money and Debt. The public role of banks.

Report | 04-06-2019

Finance and Society: Restoring the Balance

The enormous dependence on the financial sector have made the economy and society extremely vulnerable. In this report, the WRR ...

Report | 18-09-2017

Towards a Food Policy

The rapidly changing context of the food supply and the accompanying challenges demand a food policy that should focus mainly on ...

Report | 13-12-2016 | Josta de Hoog, Bart Stellinga, Huub Dijstelbloem

The public core of the Internet. An international agenda for Internet governance

The Internet should be a key area in the Netherlands’ foreign policy in order to protect the public core of the Internet from ...

Report | 01-10-2015 | Dennis Broeders

Policymaking Using Behavioural Expertise

Policymaking could improve if greater use were made of the knowledge contributed by behavioural economics and psychology. The ...

Report | 10-09-2014 | Will Tiemeijer