mr. drs. J.R. (Josta) de Hoog
Image: ©WRR / Photographer: Arenda Oomen

mr. drs. J.R. (Josta) de Hoog

Research fellow

Josta de Hoog studied Public Administration and Law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques Bordeaux. She completed her Public Administration studies with a research project on the relationship between Media and Democracy; her final project in the Law faculty concerned the protection of human rights in Western Europe.

In addition to completing her studies, she set up a website to monitor the voting behaviour of the political parties in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. She was also a member of the e-Participation supervisory committee of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and worked at Campus The Hague on a research project on political agenda setting. After that she worked for three years at McKinsey & Company as strategic advisor to a wide diversity of companies and organisations. Josta worked on the WRR-reports Vertrouwen in burgers (Confidence in citizens) and Naar een voedselbeleid (Towards a Food Policy).